Thursday, September 4, 2014

Welcome to the Vintage Computer Expo...

When I mention to folks that I "rescue" vintage computers it always seems to result in a confused look (esp. from non-computer folks ). The conversation  then normally staggers along as I try to explain in detail what that mean,  (because engineers do that :-) ) and that frequently generates an even more glazed look in response.   So, I fall back on my quick explanation that the experience is something akin to restoring vintage automobiles. Socially that allows the conversation to continue, and If I start with this, I've learned that I can even prevent the glazed look, awkward response and uncomfortable pause. However, in both cases, while providing "a common reference" this explanation has never really satisfied doesn't capture the experience very well and has never been something that I've ever been happy with.

So, in an effort to explain / educate / rationalize the craziness that I get involved in, I've begun this blog.   Here you will see stories of computers I've "rescued", stories of others who have a similar passion...what's involved in their restoration, some of the amazing engineering re-discovered, and the simple joy of bringing them back to life.  

You'll also see that just because a computer is old doesn't mean it's useless, just like people. 

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